Capital Campaign

The Zeta Phi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi embarked on an ambitious capital campaign to raise $10 million for a new chapter house. The house, which was dedicated on September 7, 2012, is among the finest houses of its kind in the United States, and will serve as a home to Beta brothers for generations to come.

Our fundraising effort has been an overwhelming success and the $9,587,758 raised through January 2013 is more than any other fraternity in the country has ever raised. Equally impressive, 85% of the pledges have already been collected. This past July several alumni offered a challenge grant agreeing to match one dollar for each two dollars pledged after that point in time. Since that date, $400,000 has been pledged and this will result in a total of $600,000 when the match is considered.  

While we have achieved the majority of our goals, we continue to need alumni contributions. We invite you to join the 520 Club, which is for individuals who contribute $520 each year for five years. These donors will receive special recognition on a plaque in the new house. The 520 Club is a way to make a meaningful contribution toward the campaign. Time is short to add your name as a donor and supporter of the new Zeta Phi chapter house and campaign.

Alumni from the Zeta Phi Chapter have been generous in their support of our goals. If you would like to make a contribution to Building on a Tradition of Excellence, you may use this secure donation form to make your non tax-exempt donation.