The University of Missouri Intramural Program provides the opportunity for students to compete in over twenty organized sports throughout the three seasons of play. The highest point values are given to the most popular sports, such as flag football, soccer, basketball, softball, and volleyball. Due to the size of the Greek community, intramurals are divided into two divisions based on size of house and talent level, and Beta has always been a division one house. The Zeta Phi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi has won the Fraternity Intramural Championships thirty-one times in the past thirty-nine years, never finishing below third place. It should be noted that this success on the playing field has always been combined with a strong desire to maintain sportsmanship and respect before, during, and after the game.

Beta’s domination of the intramural competitions dates back to the 1930s, when Beta first started winning on a regular basis. The fraternity housed the intramural trophy for over half the decade and has continued to succeed ever since. Such a feat is a credit to the men of Beta Theta Pi and their drive to be the best in every area in which they compete. The Betas take great pride in remaining atop the intramural ranking, but it is the effort these records represent that truly captures the Beta Spirit.

This success on the playing field is also a direct result of the time and effort put into each and every competition. Our house elects and annual Intramurals Chair who is the overall manager of the athletics, but each individual sport has a sub-captain, which is a person who is especially skilled in that sport and also a leader. These routine practices and the implementation of a sub-captain allow the members of Beta Theta Pi to spend quality time together competing, while at the same time preparing for the actual competition.

Intramural Record
2006 - 3rd place
2007 - 3rd place
2008 - 2nd place
2009 - 2nd place

Greek Week
2007 - 1st place with Alpha Delta Pi
2009 - 1st place with Kappa Alpha Theta
2010 - 1st place with Alpha Delta Pi

Intramural Chairman: Greg Vaughn - (314) 805-3516; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it