About Zeta Phi Chapter

The Zeta Phi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi is the oldest fraternity in continuous existence at the University of Missouri. It was founded as the Zeta Phi Society in the winter of 1870 as a group of eight students and one university professor, and became a chapter of Beta Theta Pi in 1890. The Zeta Phi Chapter now boasts 154 active members, and numerous notable alumni.

The men of Zeta Phi are scholars, athletes, and respected members of the social community at the University of Missouri. As a Chapter, we consistently place among the top positions in annual Greek Week competitions and intramurals, and we place a great deal of emphasis on helping our Beta brothers achieve academic excellence. Some recent achievements include:

Greek Week:
2007 - 1st place with Alpha Delta Pi
2009 - 1st place with Kappa Alpha Theta
2010 - 1st place with Alpha Delta Pi

2006 - 1st place (3.13)
2007 - 1st place (3.20)
2008 - 1st place (3.28)
2009 - 1st place (3.23)
2010 - 1st place (3.28)
2011 - 1st place (3.31)

2006 - 3rd place
2007 - 3rd place
2008 - 2nd place
2009 - 2nd place

Ties to Zeta Phi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi don’t end at graduation. This is evidence by the continued and substantial donations made by our alumni. This includes the $100,000 contribution by Mrs. Jane Yeckel, widow of the late Phillip J. Yeckel '33, for the Beta Theta Pi library dedicated in his name. Yeckel Library truly is without rival anywhere in the Greek system in terms of supporting academic achievement.