Alumni Portal

Upon graduating from Mizzou, we all leave Beta Theta Pi with the sincere intent to maintain our fraternal bonds. Unfortunately, we often find that many new obligations – including careers, families and community activities – pull us away from our college relationships. Even with social media as a convenient tool to keep us connected, sometimes those different social sites – from Facebook to LinkedIn – become so cluttered that it is still hard to keep your finger on the pulse of your Beta brothers.

This Alumni Portal has been developed to give Zeta Phi Chapter alums a place to “meet” in a virtual sense, and we encourage you to keep your profile information as up to date as possible. We hope this tool allows past alumni to stay in touch with people who were close to them in their college days – and also enables them to make new contacts with emerging classes of Betas.

The Zeta Phi Chapter Alumni Database is password-protected. To access the database, Create a Profile or Login.